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South Dakota State Capitol (Chapter 4)

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Date Created 3/13/2012 4:26:34 PM
Grade Level 3-5
Category Social Studies

Supporting Materials & Additional Resources

SDhunt1.pdf SD State Capitol Scavenger Hunt
SD HuntTeachert.pdf SD State Capitol Scavenger Hunt (Teacher)
SDhunt2.pdf SD State Capitol Scavenger Hunt II
SDHunt2Teacher.pdf SD State Capitol Scavenger Hunt II (Teacher)
GoGreen.pdf Going Green Activity
TeachersGuideCapitolIdea.pdf Teachers Guide
Video Courtesy: South Dakota Public Broadcsting


Design and Construction Begins: Describes the process for deciding to build the State Capitol, hiring an architect and contractors, and constructing the building. For more resources, photo galleries, guides, etc.

Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea - Produced in conjunction with the centenary of the South Dakota State Capitol, Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea is an hour long documentary, a learning tool, an entertaining program, and an important record of South Dakota’s history. Our state Capitol is rich in architectural beauty, history, and political intrigue. Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea tells the story of the Capitol in a visually stimulating and educational format. The program provides educators and citizens with a new tool for understanding the history of our state. It presents the stories of the key players behind the creation of the Capitol, the controversy in deciding a location, the reason Pierre was finally chosen as the Capital City, and details about construction. The program includes new footage and interviews, archival video, historic photographs and documents, and aerial footage. This teaching guide plus online elements support classroom use of the program. The companion Web site includes interactive online elements, downloadable educational resources, additional interviews and footage, and photographs not included in the one-hour program. (Sandstone, limestone, Vermont marble, fieldstone from Highmore SD, rotunda, foundation June 25th, 1908, corner stone, Governor Coe I. Crawford, Fanebust and Sons, May 1910, June 1910 capitol lake, natural gas, dome, materials, statehood, contractor, O.H. Olsen, architectural history, neoclassic, murals, artists, Edward Simmons, Great Seal, art stained glass, pendentives, agriculture, goddess, Cerces, livestock, Europa, Zeus, wisdom, industry, mining, Minerva, motherhood, lunette, Edwin Blashfield, Sprit of the West, controversy, manifest destiny)

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