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Lesson: Waniyetu Wowapi (winter count) - Recording the Past and the Future

Date Created 9/10/2012 12:04:28 PM
Grade Level K-2
Category Social Studies

Supporting Materials & Additional Resources

Wintercountlessonplane1_2018.pdf Lesson Plan
Video Courtesy: South Dakota Public Broadcsting


South Dakota DOE - Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards
(Essential Understanding 6: OSEUS6)

Winter Count Lessons

Lesson Plan: Winter Count - Recording the Past and the Future

“Click” Lesson Plan PDF for details and links (lower left in the table below the player)

Procedure: During this lesson the students will learn about the similarities and differences between winter counts and other methods of recording events like timelines, history books, scrapbooks, encyclopedias, journals/diaries and calendars. The students will develop a pictorial image of an upcoming event found on their family calendar. (K-5: Modify as needed for level of understanding and grade level.)

Background information and Materials: Lesson Plan PDF - lower left

Process The students will view (compare and contrast) winter counts, timelines, history books, scrapbooks, encyclopedias, journal/diaries and calendars. Then the students will bring a calendar from home and select an upcoming event. The students will select an event from the calendar and replace the text with a pictorial representation of the event.

What to expect: The students should realize that recording events on a winter count is one method of preserving history just like history books, encyclopedias, journals, timelines, etc. Important events are captured for future generations to learn about historical events. The students should also conclude that calendars are different because they are designed to record future events.

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