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Tawapaha Olowan Wan (A Flag Song - S.D.)

Date Created 9/10/2012 2:46:23 PM
Grade Level 6-8
Category Social Studies

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Essential_Understandings-_Songs[1].pdf Tawapaha Olowan Wan (A Flag Song - S.D.)
Video Courtesy: South Dakota Public Broadcsting


South Dakota DOE - Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards
(Essential Understanding 6: OSEUS6)

Interpretation of Songs (Document)

Tawapaha Olowan Wan (A Flag Song - S.D.)

Each society had a song that used to honor war deeds, values and good deeds. This song was on hand and ended up becoming the SD Flag song, but historically each tiospaye had their own song.

This song is said to have come from many different areas. Many tribes use this Flag song during celebrations or social gatherings. Researched and translated by Earl Bullhead (Nica Ole).(E. Bullhead 2012)

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