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Dakota Pathways Episode 12 - Maps and Borders

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Date Created 11/12/2010 5:33:13 PM
Grade Level 3-5
Category Social Studies

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Video Courtesy: South Dakota Public Broadcsting


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Even before the white man entered the upper mid-west region of the United States, borders have marked the various territories of the people living in the region. With the advancement of the white culture those borders have become less fluid. Even so, the borders of South Dakota have changed with the times. This episode looks at how borders have affected our growth as a state and influenced how we live.

(Verendrye Plate, Indians, Native Americans, French-British War, Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812, Dakota Territory, State Borders, Allotment Act, Homestead Act, of Napoleon Bonaparte, Lewis and Clark, satellites, USGS EROS Data Center, Independence Peace Garden, survey, explorers, cartography, Manuel Lisa, France, Spain, Lincolnland, reservation, Fort Laramie Treaty, Star Spangled Banner)

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